Thursday, October 10, 2013

The Lightweight Sign with Full Size Impact

There are some radar speed signs, like the bestselling SafePace 100 radar sign that offer a compact, lightweight solution to speeding cars. While small signs are economical and may be ideal for HOA or campus roads, the 11" digits can be hard to see on larger roadways or for higher speed traffic.

Other signs like the full size SafePace line offer full size digits that are easier to see but are heavy and can only be used at multiple location with a trailer unit.

The new SafePace 450 driver feedback sign offers a synergy of both kinds of radar signs. It boasts lightweight design but still offers full size digits. It also offers several features until now only offered with the SafePace 100 speed indicator sign such as battery power for autonomo
us functioning and universal mounting brackets.

Learn more about the SafePace 450 speed sign in our Product Spotlight October newsletter.