Friday, July 27, 2012

Military Traffic Calming

Military and air force bases often use traffic calming to ensure healthy flow of traffic and to protect military professionals and their families. Traffic Logix solutions have been installed in tens of military, air force, and navy bases both in the US and abroad. The solutions most purchased by military bases are our rubber speed humps, rubber speed tables, and SafePace 100 low-cost speed signs.

Our rubber speed humps are often used to enhance gate security at military bases, compelling drivers to slow down as they drive over the humps toward the entrance gate. The flat-topped speed tables are a popular choice for military traffic calming on base roads. The rubber speed tables slow vehicles less aggressively than speed humps or bumps, allowing traffic to continue to flow at 20-30 mph. Traffic Logix rubber speed humps and speed tables are both GSA approved and can be purchased by military bases at discounted GSA rates.

The bestselling SafePace 100 speed sign is also a popular choice on military and air force bases due to its low cost and  portability. The compact speed sign displays vehicle speed in brightly lid LEDs, reminding drivers to stay alert and slow down. A user-friendly software interface lets you program the sign including choosing at what speed the sign digits or built in strobe light should flash to warn drivers.The lightweight speed sign is energy efficient and offers optional battery power that allows the sign to function autonomously for 2-4 weeks.Universal mounting brackets can be installed on several poles, allowing you to rotate the sign for use at multiple locations.

Traffic Logix also offers flashing beacons and school zone flashing signs that can be used to protect children at military base schools. The beacons and signs can be programmed to operate only during school hours and include 365 day scheduling so you can specify when and how they operate. Flashing beacons and school zone signs have been shown to significantly decrease traffic around schools, protecting children as they arrive and depart from schools.

Traffic safety is a growing concern on military roads. Military traffic calming can help make your base a safer place.

Friday, July 20, 2012

Citizens Patrol Group Uses SafePace 100 Speed Sign for Rural Traffic Safety

driver feedback signCitizens on Patrol, or COPS, recently purchased a Traffic Logix SafePace 100 driver feedback sign to slow cars down in school areas and on rural roadways.  COPS is a small community group in  rural Enfield, Nova Scotia that serves as the eyes and ears for the local police department when they can't be there. They conduct fundraising, patrol neighborhoods in their own vehicles, and respond to community concerns.

Residents in Enfield often complain about speeding cars, especially near schools and on stretches of rural roads. The citizens group decided to purchase a radar feedback sign to help inform community members of their speeds and remind them to slow down. With a limited budget, the compact SafePace 100 speed sign was the perfect solution with its low price tag and full featured capabilities.

COPS purchased the radar feedback sign with the optional 3 cell battery, which provides up to two weeks of autonomous power. They also chose the optional data collection feature, which lets them monitor traffic and analyze traffic patterns and the effect of their signs. The speed sign includes stealth mode, which allows the sign to appear blank to motorists while capturing valuable traffic data for comparison purposes.

While the SafePace 100 sign is smaller than the full size SafePace 400 sign, it offers an excellent alternative to communities or groups with small budgets.

Monday, July 16, 2012

Psychological vs. Physical Traffic Calming

speed hump, rubber traffic calming
Rubber Speed Hump
When you need to slow traffic down, there are two routes you can take. You can use psychological traffic calming such as radar speed display signs, which use the feedback loop to remind people of their speed and encourage them to slow down. The other option is physical traffic calming such as speed humps, which are a physical deterrent that leave the driver no alternative but to slow down.
radar speed display sign, radar speed sign
Radar Speed Display Sign

While radar speed display signs and speed trailers are growing in popularity, physical solutions such as speed humps can actually offer a low-cost, flexible, environmentally friendly alternative. For an in-depth discussion about the benefits of rubber traffic calming, read our July Traffic Calmer newsletter. Whichever route you take, our solutions can help you make your streets safer.