Thursday, August 23, 2012

Traffic Logix Speed Table Protects Pedestrians, Bicyclists, and Construction Workers outside Metro Station

The outside of the Laurier metro station in Montreal has a lot going on. A busy bicycle lane crosses directly in front of the station while scores of pedestrians flock in and out of the metro. Amid the bicycles and walkers, a temporary construction zone has been erected directly in front of the station. 

The city of Montreal installed a Traffic Logix speed table to slow bicyclists down in front of the metro so that pedestrians can safely cross the path to walk in and out of the metro. The speed table has a flat top to slow bicyclists gradually without being too abrupt or compromising their safety. Measuring 14’ x 10.5’, the speed table has bright yellow taping to alert bicyclists in advance and ensure that the tables are visible even in poor lighting conditions and at night.

The Traffic Logix interlocking units can be expanded to any length or width and were used to create a speed table that fit the dimensions of the bike lane. These units are also used to create speed humps and speed cushions. Of the three solutions, speed tables are the least abrupt, which make them the safest solution for cyclists and pedestrians.

To see video footage of the Traffic Logix speed table at the Laurier metro station click here.

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