Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Traffic Calming, Flashing Beacons, and School Safety

With the growing epidemic of obesity, contributed to by the sedentary lifestyle many Americans have adopted, advocates are encouraging a return to manual transportation. More and more students are walking or biking to school but many more are traveling by bus or car.

How safe are students when they arrive and leave school each day? Does your school zone have traffic calming in effect to protect children?

Flashing beacons alert drivers and have been shown to be effective in slowing cars down around schools. The Traffic Logix SafePace beacons are not the only solution we have to help you create safer streets. We've worked with schools across the country to tailor the solutions to fit their needs

Learn more about the safety risks students face each day and the solutions you can use to protect them in our March Traffic Calmer newsletter.

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