Monday, June 19, 2017

Case Highlight: South Carolina Ports

Case Highlight: South Carolina Ports

Targeted Photo Speeds

The South Carolina Port Authority is one of the fastest growing major ports in the US with over $150 million of cargo passing through daily. To improve accountability for trucks traveling in and out of the port, a gate entry system takes a photo of each truck’s equipment. The challenge is that photos can only be captured at 8- 12 mph. When trucks don’t reach the target speed, they slow the cargo delivery process and create needless traffic by circling back for a second try.


In Search of the Perfect Solution
For a solution to work to address the truck speed issue, several features were imperative. The Ports Authority needed to be able to regulate truck speed, notify incoming trucks of speeds, message drivers to slow down or speed up, inform drivers when they should maintain their speeds, and be completely programmable from office in Charleston, SC to any port in the state.

Innovative Speed Sign

The innovative SafePace 700 sign offered a unique array of options that was a perfect fit for the South Carolina Ports. The full matrix of LEDs allows for display of driver speed, text messages, or a combination of both. The SafePace Cloud allows for remote access of the signs from anywhere with internet. With the pilot program in Greer, SC, over 200 miles away from Port offices, this offered the flexibility to regulate truck speeds at the port.

Is Education Enough?
The SafePace 700 signs have been installed at ports in Greer, SC with plans to install more in Charleston and at other state ports. With extra large 18” digits for improved visibility and flashing strobes, drivers can clearly see their speeds and be warned when exceeding thresholds. Driver responsive messaging can be programmed to alert drivers to slow down, speed up, or maintain speed. All programming and data downloads can be done seamlessly from anywhere with internet via SafePace Cloud.

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